Panel Meets In Hopes Of Ending Homelessness In Dover

DOVER, Del. - The Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Homelessness met again at the Dover Public Library Thursday evening to discuss proposals put forth in hopes of producing a final proposal next month.

Three separate plans were discussed.  One called the Tiny Homes Project where 600 square foot homes are built in a village.  Those who inhabit it would contribute through maintenance, construction or other means.

The second plan involved Oxford Homes which already exist.  The third the panel worked on is called the All In One Plan.  This plan gives those in need medical care, mental healthcare, counseling, addiction therapy, education and skill building all under one roof.

Margie Cyr, co-chair of the panel, says to solve the issue of homelessness in The First State's capital the final proposal needs to find solutions at the root of the problem and not just supply shelter.

"Any proposal to provide solutions for the homelessness needs to also have, as a component, a plan to be able to solve those underlying issues."

The next meeting for the panel will be Wednesday May 3, where Cyr says she hopes to have a final proposal to present to Mayor Robin Christiansen.

"I believe the desire of the panel is to come out of the May 3rd (meeting) with a proposal that we have reached consensus on."

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