McCain Gives A Very Good Speech

I am running so that our children and their children will have even greater opportunities than the ones we were blessed with. I am running so that every person in this country, now and in generations to come, will know the same sublime honor that has been the treasure of my life: to be proud to be an American.

I seek the nomination of our party, because I am as confident today as I was when I first entered public life as a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution _ that the principles of the Republican Party _ our confidence in the good sense and resourcefulness of free people are always in America's best interests. In war and peace, in good times and challenging ones, we have always known that the first responsibility of government it to keep this country safe from its enemies, and the American people free of a heavy handed government that spends too much of their money, and tries to do for them what they are better able to do for themselves.

We want government to do its job, not your job; to do it better and to do it with less of your money; to defend our nation's security wisely and effectively, because the cost of our defense is so dear to us; to respect our values because they are the true source of our strength; to enforce the rule of law that is first defense of freedom; to keep the promises it makes to us and not make promises it will not keep.

We believe government should do only those things we cannot do individually, and then get out of the way so that the most industrious, ingenious and enterprising people in the world can do what they have always done: build an even greater country than the one they inherited.

We can overcome any challenge as long as we keep our courage, and stand by our defense of free markets, low taxes and small government that have made America the greatest land of opportunity in the world.

I promise you I will always put America _ her strength, her ideals, her future _ before every other consideration.

Thank you, South Carolina.

Thank you for your trust. I will not let you down, so help me God.

Good night and God bless you as you have blessed me.

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