Argentina Plans To Offer 100 Year Bonds

If you’re a bond investor looking for yield further out the curve, how does investingTD (investing) in a 100-year bond in an emerging market sound?

Argentina plans to offer just such a bond, reveals Bloomberg, reporting that the country joins Mexico, Ireland and the U.K. in selling debt that matures after more than a century. Ultra-long-term bonds are “particularly attractive to insurers and pension funds seeking to lock in long-term returns,” says the article.

For its part, Argentina is capitalizing on low borrowing costs to finance the budget and pay off debt that’s maturing in the next few years.

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Last year, Argentina restored access to capital markets after a long-running dispute with creditors over a 2001 default. 

Argentina’s debt now yields about four percentage points more than similar-maturity U.S. Treasurys, reports Bloomberg — less than one-third the level of just four years ago.

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